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Michelle LLC is a Certified Transformational life coach, author, and inspirational speaker. A specialist in Thought Training for children, teens and families Michelle's passion is to speak life into the lives of all.

An expert on mastering positive thought by manifesting connected energy through the spirit of your inner child. Michelle LLC discovered her purpose and gift ability to activate the light within all of us at the early age of 15 years old. Today, throughout her career Michelle has helped 1,000's to activate and keep the brilliant shine and sparkle of Living Glitter Syndrome injected and unleashed into the spirit of our inner child.

It is her goal to re-empower the imagination and encourage creativity so Spirit’s love may flourish.


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“My friend and COACH Michelle LLC is AMAZING! She is like the "child whisperer" speaking to that wounded little girl or by inside of adult bodies.”
Kimberly Sparrow
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